Future Plans
Shah Fabricators, a integral part of cabrol group, which from its experience in fabrications industry and its eagerness to help the environment came up with the idea of fabricating Steel cable drums in early 90s.

It was a tough time for the company to convince clients for steel cable drums as a substitute of wooden cable drums. After a losses in the company for consequent years during the introduction stage, and with a ‘not giving up’ attitude the company managed to convince clients for steel cable drums. With experience, now the clients understand the benefits of using the steel cable drums, and they prefer steel cable drums over wooden cable drums.

In near future we are planning to come up with a new business plan for our clients. This plan is for the benefits of the clients, where they would get the same thing for less. Our current business trend is to sell drums, but in our new plan, we plan it to lease for a pre decided period. Definitely, leasing would be at least 30% cheaper than buying the cable reels.

One of our other future plans includes, plastic drums required for the consumer applications and also the cable companies with smaller sizes.

We plan to grow gradually and diversify our businesses in long term.
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