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Saving the environment is now an “ALERT” situation. With the growing global warming effects, it should be the duty of every human being to contribute for the betterment of the environment. Major Business houses around the world have started contributing and take actions against this problem, trying to make the world a better place. This eco friendly path will save the environment and is a step towards the better future of the coming generations. On these guidelines, we were born with an eco friendly idea in 1990.

We all are aware about cables which are one of the classic inventions of the last century and which has changed our lives. It touches our lives in many ways directly or indirectly. Wooden drums are still one of the major carriers on which these cables are rolled for the purpose of logistic management. In this space, we have 'reinvented the wheel' by introducing cost effective eco friendlier steel cable drums instead of wooden cable drums. We call them as "CABROL". Apart from being eco friendly, we have few better benefits than current conventional wooden drums.

Our products help to add little green to the globe we are staying in. With this project we are able to contribute to save the trees. We are proud to consider our business as the one which makes the globe a greener place. Hence, by associating with us would just no be a mere business but also joining the league of making world a better place.

Cabrol Group is a leading manufacturer of steel cable drums. We supply high quality durable cable drums to the top companies in India and around the world. Following are the advantages of using Steel Cable Drums:

Our Unique Speciality is to manufacture "Customised Steel Cable Drums" as per the requirement of our Valued Customer. Hence our products come in various sizes and dimensions.

Cabrol Group was established in the year 1990, and went on to become one of the Leading Manufatures of "Steel Cable Drums" supplying not only in India, but also Around the world. Our major exports are in Gulf and Mauritius.

Today, Shah Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. achieves a good turnover of US$ 8.0 Million and is headed for future growth under the Inspiring leadership of our Founder and Managing Director, "Mr. Nalin M. Shah".

It is our mission to replace all wooden drums and make companies use our eco friendly Steel Cable Drums, enjoy the benefits and participate in saving the trees.
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